Carl Stone
Live Electronic Music

from the 80's

Dong Il Jang.mp3 (1982) [26 mb]
Shibucho.mp3 (1984) [27 mb]
Sukothai.mp3 (1979) [19 mb]

from the 90's

Violence from Exusiai (1998)
Guelaguetza excerpt (1998)
Boo-Dop from Acid Karaoke (1996)
RM2 from Acid Karaoke (1996)
Guelaguetza excerpt (1998)
Young Jump from Kamiya Bar (1992)
Cooking Papa from Kamiya Bar (1992)
Cue from Kamiya Bar (1992)
Val from Kamiya Bar (1992)

from the 00's

Flints (now available on the CD Al-Noor) (2000)
%.Diskfrom pict.soul w//Tetsu Inoue (2000)
bit.A from pict.soul w//Tetsu Inoue(2001)
Acid Bop #2 (2003)
Darul Kabap from Nak Won (Sonore Discs) (excerpt) (2001)