dateline: Sept 24 2002

Carl Stone's upcoming tours and festival appearances include:

January 25 2003 Berlin Transonic Festival

Recent appearances have included:

Nov 2002: S.E.T. Tour (w/ Wono Satoru and Yuko Nexus6)

(Rotterdam, Ghent, Berlin, Frankfurt, Torino, Bern, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseilles, Limoges, Nantes, Strasbourg, Paris)

.March 14 2002: South by Southwest, Austin Texas

February 27-March 3rd: Los Angeles concert and radio appearances

February 22 2002: New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center

July 29-August 2 2001: Hokkaido Japan (with Otomo Yoshidide)

August 2 2001: Transmissions Festival, Chicago

September 13-17 2001: Kansai Japan (with Otomo Yoshihide)

October 2 2001: LEM Festival, Barcelona Spain

November 3 2001: Tsukuba Music Festival, Tsukuba Japan (with Kasai Akira)

Please keep an eye on Upcoming Performances for details