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The musical score for EXUSIAI, the collaboration between Carl and dancer/choreographer Akira Kasai which had its premiereAugust 28 1998 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco has been released. Click here for availability information. EXUSIAI met great critical success. Musical examples are available online in RealAudio format.

Carl at DSP Summer School - Japan

Carl Stone returned as a guest performing artist for the 2001 Digital Signal Processing Summer School (DSPSS) in Japan. Fellow guests and faculty members will include Klarenz Barlow (Germany), Masayuki Akamatsu, Masahiro Miwa, Suguro Goto, and Nobuyasu Sakonda.

His first appearance was as a faculty member for the 2nd Annual DSPSS, which took place September 12-16 2000, sponsored by IAMAS, the International Academy of Arts and Sciences in Gifu Japan. Photos are available! While in Japan, Carl also presented several lecture/performances at Musahino and Chukyo Universities.

For information in English about the DSP Summer School at IAMAS, please click here.

To see a flyer for the 2001 DSPSS please click here.

For information in Japanese, please click here.

Guest Artistic Director "Other Minds"

In 1999-2000, Carl Stone served as Guest Artistic Director and Executive Director pro tem for Other Minds, the San Francisco based new music organization. Other Minds produces festivals, CDs, workshops and panels, maintains a discussion group for new music and hosts an award-winning web site. For more information please visit Other Minds on the web.

ICC - Tokyo
Carl recently presented a new extended version of his piece GUELAGUETZA, for multi-channel sound system and video playback, at ICC, the art and technology center in Tokyo. This concert was part if the exhibition "Adding Media/Subtracting Signs", which continues untoil July 22 1999. Further information about the exhibit can be found on the ICC site.

Mexico City
Carl presented a new work for multiple networked computers at CENTRO DE LA IMAGEN in Mexico City, in July 1999, as part of the Primer Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro. His first time to Mexico! .

ARTE Television
Selections of Carl's May 1999 performance at New Langton Arts (with Yasuhiro Otani) was be broadcast in fall 1999 on ARTE, the European Art television service. The program is part of a series on music in the Bay Area, directed by Manfred Waffender.

 ASU-West Residency
Carl was in residence at Arizona State University WEST, Oct 19-2 1999, with activities including concerts, seminars and master classes. For more information please send email to ASU-West

 California Institute of the Arts
Carl is featured in a recent issue of the Cal Arts Alumni News. The article, written by Dan Fesman, can be read online here.

Carl Stone's was recently commissioned to make a piece for INCUBATOR , an installation project for 50 iMac computers presented at XEBEC in Kobe Japan. . Event sponsors include Apple Computer Inc.,Yano Electric, MARS, Sound and Recording Magazine, and Marantz Japan. The piece was unveiled on March 10 and received television, radio and print coverage. For more information about this event, you can check [english] or [japanese].

Carl was scholar-in-residence at the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Study and Conference Center in Bellagio Italy, from March 15 until April 14 1999.

Community School Performances
Carl recently gave a set of fourteen school workshops and performances in various middle schools in California, sponsored by the Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View. For more information please contact Arlene Pickette at CSMA

European Tour Fall 1998
Carl's most recent Europe tour took place Nov 10-Dec 2. Activities included a ten day residency at ESC im Labor, in the city of Graz Austria, culminating in a site-specific gallery installation, plus concerts in Italy and Austria. Recent performances in California were also a great success.

Austrian Radio
Carl was recently featured on MATRIX, a program on computers and society, produced by Mariann Unterlappauer for ORF (Austrian Radio).

Russian Tour Canceled
Due to a confluence of myriad visa and other problems, Carl was unable to attend the Sergey Kuryokhin International New Music Festival last Oct 2-4 1998.

Djerassi Fellowship
Carl was in residence at the Djerassi Artist-in-Residence Program in Woodside California, July 2-31.

Pennsylvania Residency
Carl was composer in residence at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania Oct 21-26. Residency activities include classes, crits, a concert performance (with sculptor Mineko Grimmer) and gallery installation

Opus 415 Marathon
Carl recently appeared as one of the featured artists in San Francisco's annual Opus 415 Marathon, produced by the Common Sense Collective. Other composers and performers who appeared in the day-long event included Henry Brant, Ingram Marshall, Sarah Cahill, Harold Budd, SensorChip, The Wet Gate Ensemble and many others.

Real Audio Radio!
Carl's radio program, EARS WIDE OPEN, is now available via RealAudio as part of KPFA's 24-hour internet broadcast service. Tune in on Sundays from 9-11 pm PST [0600-0800 hours Mondays in Europe, 1400-1600 hours Mondays in Japan]. (
CD Track! Carl's piece "Ruen Pair (electronic version)" is featured in an omnibus CD, called "MAX VARIETY SHOW" on the Kaerucafe label. Nine artists from Japan, such as Akamatsu Masayuki, Sakonda Nobuyasu, Miwa Masahiro, EV and Yuko Nexus6 are also included. For more click here.
Carl's interview with critic Ed Ward, conducted in Berlin, appeared in the Wall Street Journal European Edition on June 6th. For a peek at the text, click here.
CARL SELLS OUT! Carl's music, especially created for a radio commercial for AYULA (a make-up product by Shiseido), was broadcast on FM-Tokyo on Saturdays in May. Please be sure to buy lots of AYULA!

BBC Interview
Carl was interviewed by BBC Producer Natalie Wheem for a recently broadcast special on West Coast experimental music.

Carl performed in Barcelona on June 14th 1997 as part of the SONAR Festival
San Francisco
Carl participated as one of the featured composers in the 1997 Other Minds Festival, which took place in the San Francisco Bay Area in November 10-12. You can click here for lots of information about the Other Minds Festival.
New York
Carl's new piece RIAP NEUR, for Yamaha Disklavier, was recently featrued as part of a Disklavier Festival at the Knitting Factory in New York, curated and produced by Elliot Sharp. The concert also featured music by Sharp, Jaron Lanier, Muhal Richard Abrams, Rhys Chatham, David Lang, Annie Gosfield, Ikue Mori and others.
Latest CD get's Critic's Choice! British music magazine The Wire has featured Carl's latest CD, ("carl stone 1996", issued on the em:t label) as one of their Critic's Choice's (Transgressions category). Click for more information about carl stone 1196.
Carl's Magazine Column Japanese fans may be interested to know that Carl now has a regular monthly column, now in its second year, called "Another Look At Sampling", written for the Japanese music magazine "Sound and Recording", published by the Rittor Group.

"Met" the Composer/California
As of July 1 1997, the office of Meet the Composer/California has been closed, and all operations returned to Meet The Composer, Inc. in New York. The reason is the woeful state of funding for the independent operation. For information about current Meet the Composer programs, please click here.
New Work for Yamaha Disklavier Carl's work SA RIT GOL, for pianist and Yamaha Disklavier, written at the request of Sarah Cahill, was premiered as part of the Henry Cowell Festival produced by Cal Performances, Berkeley. The work garnered considerable critical success in the New Yorker, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times. For more information about the Cowell Festival, click here
Swedish Radio In February Swedish Radio presented a program devoted to Carl and his music, as part of the regular series Studio Torsdag, produced by Birgitta Tollan Driesel. People interested in more information can send email here
Gallery Show Carl Stone's graphic work was featured as part of the exhibition "EAR AS EYE", images by sound artists, experimental composers and other audio creators., curated by Steve Roden and sponsored by Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE).
'R' US
Option, The Seattle Weekly, Village Voice, Alternative Press, The Wall Street Journal and The Wire have all weighed in with their opinions about Carl's latest release. Click here to take a look
Installation Project Carl's computer sound and image installation DOW SHAW was display in a new version at Xebec in Kobe, Japan, from July 13-28 1996 b. The installation was part of a sound - art exhibition entitled "WWW Sites and MultiMedia", prodoced by Xebec and Kazuo UEHARA. For more information please send email to Xebec in English or Japanese.
The WIRE Carl was interviewed in the May 96 1995 issue of The WIRE, the new music magazine published in England. This fact, plus the cover featuring Cold Cut, means the issue is destined for an early sell-out. A review of Carl's latest CD appeared in the July issue.
The Noh Project Performances of The Noh Project, a three-way collaboration between Carl, Noh master Anshin UCHIDA and June WATANABE, concluded on May 18th after four performances in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Writing in the San Francisco Examiner, critic Allan Ulrich wrote about the music: "Superb .......a surging electroacoustic score that incorporates the traditional music of Noh drama in a mesmerizing tapestry of sounds. Stone's gripping contribution (which deserves independent recording) lent the dance most of its dramatic power."
in Japan
Carl's radio series EARS WIDE OPEN will be presented in a special ten-part digest for Japanese audiences. The series will be presented by Xebec in Japan, and will run monthly from July '96 through March '97. For a complete schedule or other information, you can send email to Xebec in English or Japanese.
Revue et Corrigee Carl was featured in the December 1995 edition of Revue et Corigee, a fine new music journal published in France. Anybody speak French? We would like to get a translation. If you would care to help, please send email.
Books Carl is prominently featured in two new books, both from Japan. One is Cyber Kitchen Music, by Yuko Nexus6 (published by Shoeisha), a guide to the creative uses of the Macintosh for sound and music. For more information about CyberKitchen Music and Yuko, in English click here, or send email. The other book is Magical Max Tour, a great new guide to the programming language MAX, long awaited in Japanese. The authors are AKAMATSU Masayuki and SAKONDA Nobuyasu, (published by Dart.) For more information, click here or send email
Other Minds Carl now serves as the Editor for the Other Minds web site. Other Minds is an international music festival based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The site, with design by Jim Newman, includes much information about past and future festivals, plus features, reports, sounds and photos. To visit, click here.
KPFA Carl Stone now hosts KPFA's new program "Ears Wide Open" on Sundays 8:00 to 11:00pm. Bay Area residents can tune in to 94.1 mHz. Residents in the California Central Valley can tune in to 88.1 mHz (KFCF-fm). Playlists are posted as part of this Web page, along with those for KPFA Morning Concert programs hosted by Carl.
HotWired Carl was a guest on Club Wired and was interviewed live by host Richard Kadrey as part of Richard's Covert Culture show. For a transcript click here.