Touching Extremes
CARL STONE, Nak Won (Sonore)

Many years have passed since I first listened to the (still wonderful) "Mom's", a record that helped my already attentive ears to open themselves to a new world of fabulous sounding colours. After several more CDs and a few minutes of the title track beginning here, I detect the same Carl Stone "aura", only masked into a kind of minimalism that is just apparent. Stone's G3 Powerbook is the anima mundi of three pieces: "Nak Won" is 24 minutes of the same very few notes pronounced by the machine just like the same single word told by a million world citizens of various races and languages: at the end, there's a giant cloud made of singular timbres, a swarming sensation still hovering around when everything's over. There you come to fully appreciate the shorter "Kreutz", much softer and lyrical, but always transcending to the very limit of deep listening. The final "Darul Kabap" is genuine powerbook real-time improvisation, crossing voices, samples and electronics, giving backbone to the rhythm of world's heartbeat, mixing lots of strange idioms and ideas right from Carl's head for the joy of our inner ear. 

-- Massimo Ricci
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