Carl Stone:
Kamiya Bar
Kamiya Bar was premiered May 20-22 at Tokyo-FM Hall, Tokyo Japan. Subsequent performances have been in Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis and Honolulu. The CD release is a compilation of live and studio recordings, remixed and edited in the composer's private studio in San Francisco. CD produced and remix-engineered by Carl Stone
Cover image: Carl Stone
Scans: Yuko Nexus6
Executive Producer: Renzo Pognant
Extra-Special Thanks to: Tim Self and the staff of Opcode
Titles:Gild (1:57)Axis (6:23)Young Jump (3:29)Big Gold (4:52)
Cue (9:16)Cooking Papa (10:36)Val (12:41) all music composed and performed
by Carl Stone
1995 Carl Stone/Electro-Acoustic Music (ASCAP)
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