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At Last, Acte Kobe Comes to Kobe!
As I mentioned in this space last issue, the series of events that began in Marseilles and Bern will finally culminate with an exhibition of documentary photographs and a concert in Kobe. So many things have happened since I first met Barre PHILLIPS on a rainy day in Sannomiya at the end of March: the benefit in Marseilles was held, I met the members of C.A.P., the benefit in Bern was held, 1,007 slides were sent in for "CAPARTY Vol. 1," I received the enthusiastic support of KATO-san and KAWAMURA-san from the Department of Business and Culture of Asahi Breweries. And the latest news is that in January of next year, Nippon-Columbia will be releasing a CD of the Angelite (Bulgarian Voices) concert that was held at Xebec in August. The company has also agreed to donate profits from the CD to the Acte Kobe project . I'd like to extend my thanks to all the members of Angelite, Mr. BALSS of Jaro Records, and HONMA-san of Nippon-Columbia. I'm not sure what exactly it should be called ("Acte Kobe 3"? "Acte Kobe Kobe"?), but the exhibition of photographs will be held from January 17 through the end of February, and the concert and party will begin on the night of January 27 and continue until the next morning, January 28. In addition to Phillips (bass), a host of other people have agreed to take part to help debelop a network of artists. Participants will include SUZUKI Akio and WADA Junko; the bansuri player, NAKAGAWA Hiroshi; KAWABATA Minoru (probably on sax) from Tokushima; HACO(vo.); Samm BENNETT (perc.); HISADA Shunichiro (kotsuzumi--Noh percussion); KAWASAKI Yoshihiro; MATSUBARA Nozomu (sax); and Richard TEITELBAUM (shakuhachi, live electronics), who just happens to be coming to Japan around that time. There may be many, many others. This event is being organized by the Acte Kobe Committee and will be free of charge. Please come and join us!

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