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XEBEC SoundCulture Membership Magazine

The Return of SoundArts

Although the twenty seconds of shaking that attacked the Hanshin area at 5:46AM on January 17, 1995 deprived our lives of many things, we were also given the chance to consider many things. The Port Liner (an elevated, monorail-like train), which serves as the main mode of transportation to Xebec, and Kobe Ohashi Bridge were heavily damaged; it is expected to take a long time before they are completely restored. The PI Building, the first and second floors of which are occupied by Xebec, is also the headquarters of our parent company, TOA CORPORATION. Although the structure itself suffered very little damage, the ground in the area has sunken more than 40 centimeters due to liquefaction, and the pipes supplying gas and water have been cut off, making it impossible to use the heating or water and sewage systems. In the hall itself, the grid was shaken violently like a swing and the sprinkler system was ruptured causing water to pour down into the building. In turn, the electronic equipment, including the stage which is raised and lowered electrically, suffered some damage such as short circuits. However, in comparison to the situation in Sannomiya and Nagata, as broadcast on television, the damage was much less than one might have expected. The problem is transportation.

Of course, the location was never particularly convenient to begin with, but it would be difficult to hold a concert when it takes an hour on foot from Sannomiya to reach the hall. At a time like this what can Xebec do? Man-made objects such as buildings, roads, bridges, and harbors have all been completely destroyed. No matter how fond one might be of a certain dish, it is bound to break eventually. Potters keep on making breakable things, architects keep on making buildings. Things that are broken are remade; things that are remade are broken. Why are things that break remade again and again? This year Xebec will continue its work over the computer network with the help of commu and will publish SoundArts as a newsletter, which, due to delay after delay, has continually been tormenting our guilty consciences. We are thankful to be doing a job connected with the creative power of people and hope to proceed in our communications with everyone.

* Thankfully, none of our staff was injured. To the many people who have inquired about our safety, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude. Thank you very much.

* Plans have been made to hold an all-night concert in Xebec Hall at the beginning of June. We look forward to having a chance to fully enjoy this wonderful music with all of you wonderful people.
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