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sa Sound Arts vol.2

This Issue's Overview

= the return of Sound Arts =

Xebec has suffered along with the rest of the Hanshin area due to the January 17 1995 earthquake. Here we update you on the situation and inform you of our plans.

= talk session =

Events, talks, interviews held at Xebec. In this section, we will be presenting things that we haven't been able to introduce before, including things that will be appearing for the first time in print. In this issue we feature a talk between TAKAHASHI Yuji and TAKADA Kazuko

= topics =

Interesting Topics: In each issue, we will introduce artists currently active in a variety of fields. This time we feature SAKAKIBARA Ken-Ichi, who researches computer music at NTT Basic Research Laboratories.

= a sound & art vision =

By now, you have probably become quite familiar with our sound & art exhibitions, the ongoing series of shows held mainly in Xebec Foyer--"the space where sound can be felt." In this section, we will bring you interviews and reports about artists who have produced works for the series as well as other sound artists who are currently receiving attention. This issue features an interview with media composer AKAMATSU Masayuki

= artist's view =

SA on Artists' Viewpoints and Aesthetics

In this issue we feature the female shomyo chanter, SAKURAI Makiko, who explains shomyo and the experience of transcending music by means of the human voice.