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Greetings in the Lingering Heat of Summer.

On Port Island, where Xebec is located, the Port Liner train, has begun to run again. Although six months have already passed since the quake, this is considerably sooner than was at first predicted.

Thanks to everyone, the number of subscriptions to SoundArts has increased. At present, we have about 700 readers, including artists who have performed at Xebec, in Japan, and about 150 foreign readers. Thank you also for your kind comments and encouraging remarks. In times such as these, when we are still not able to present many events, your messages are the only real way for us to communicate with each other.

I'd like to mention a couple of events that we will be coming up at Xebec. First, regarding the project that was mentioned in this space last issue with C.A.P. (The Conference on Art and Art Projects) and the French musician, Barre PHILLIPS, it has begun to take shape and C.A.P. will be giving a presentation at Xebec on October 28. Expenses for the project will be provided by profits from the earthquake relief event Phillips organized in Marseilles. It is our hope that this small presentation will create some powerful repercussions. We are looking forward to continuing to develop a network of people between Marseilles and Kobe and also to all of the valuable things this relationship will bring. The event will be open to the general public and we cordially welcome all of you.

The second event will be "the Third Kobe International Modern Music Festival '95" in November. In the past, the festival has focused on themes such as the relationship between technology and music, and tradition and modernism, but for this year's event, the special theme, "For the Earthquake," has been decided, and works for it are now being accepted. We expect to be able to give you more details on the three-day festival soon, and we look forward to having more chances to see everyone here again.

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